Here you have a series of useful tips for washing and maintaining your Sun and Surf textile beach products. Despite these recommendations, it is essential that you pay attention to the washing instructions mentioned in the label of the product, since sometimes some fabrics require more specific treatments..


  • We always recommend a first wash before use,especially for products with a terry cloth, such as jacquard towels, velvet or terry sarongs. This first wash is made to eliminate, almost for full, that lint that the fabric detaches and get adheres to our skin when we try to dry ourselves for the first time.
  • Do not use fabric softener, this is essential to be able to eliminate this lint as much as possible and acquire the greatest drying power of the garment. This applies to the next washes too, but if you like to use fabric softener because of its smell, we recommend that you apply it once every three or four washes.
  • This first wash can be done shortly and with cold water. This way you will maintain the intensity of the colors for much longer.
  • Avoid mixing dark and light colors, especially during the first few washes. The absorption power of some fabrics such as foutà and the darkness of the colors of our jacquard towels, may be incompatible. By subjecting some dark garments to washing temperatures of 30-40 degrees, they can shed some of their dye and dye the lighter textiles. That is why it is necessary to wash them separately.


always check the product label:


The majority of our towels, sarongs, pareos and foutas can be machine washed at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees. For a better maintenance of the fabrics and their colors, if the garment is not excessively stained or dirty, we do not recommend exceeding 30 degrees or even washing them cold. But all of our garments marked with this icon can easily withstand this kind of temperature.


You can iron our garments, do not use high temperatures because it is not necessary and you can burn the fabrics,With a low temperature and quick passes, the possible wrinkles that the sarongs or foutas may have get eliminated. In the case of towels, we do not recommend ironing, although you can do it. . Hanging them on the clothesline they get dry and wrinkle free with their own weight, acquiring the proper shape to store in the closet or get ready to dry your skin. Also we do not recommend steam ironing since it moistens the towel and can create bad odors after storage it, if the garment is not perfectly dry.


Obviously, it is totally forbidden to use bleach on our garments, since it is unnecessary and they will be totally damaged.


You can use your dryer to speed up the drying of your Sun and Surf garments.If you usually use a dryer regularly, you will see that the curl of the towels is fluffier than if you lay it out under the sun. This way you also increase the life of its colors more than if you expose the garment directly to the sun's rays. But with each drying, due to friction and temperature, the threads lose fibers that you will see end up in the filter of your dryer.
Therefore, it is very important that you use an appropriate drying program for each type of fabric: cotton, polyester, blend, viscose ... Our advice is to dry in the air and shade, we know it is slower, but it is the optimal for a longer and more colorful life of your garments.

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